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Teacher preparation is simple, and the up-front time is worth it. Some more new features in Google Classroom allow teachers to schedule assignments in the future. Designated tasks may be programmed to go live on a Monday in October, and then close on a Friday. When a teacher has a long absence, she would be able to arrange tasks and not have to rely on a sub to do all of them. Classrooms can also be used for the semester or year system. It would be horrible for a teacher to simply copy and paste a lesson for the next few groups of students, but it does save some time to have some stuff already in place (lesson curriculum, grading standards, etc.).

Through embedding elements, feedback is immediate and accessible. One of the teachers the other day had students complete a multiple-choice quiz while watching the film. It enhances interaction and transparency but still allows the instructor to see the results at the end of the lesson. Instead, if students failed to respond with the correct answers, they may cover the material again. Providing positive input to students is a crucial part of the learning process.

Within the Classroom grading tool, teachers will give feedback on assignments to every student. The ability to create a comments bank for future use is also included in the grading method. Also, the Classroom mobile app helps users to annotate their work. This is, by far, one of Google Classroom's bestselling points. If something needs to be changed or corrected, Google will listen and respond (both the assignment schedule and the parent contact have come from this). It also means that teachers will have to start learning how to use it, which isn't a bad thing either!

Google Classroom provides a range of opportunities for students and teachers as a free online learning site. Some of the main reasons why teachers should seek it out are discussed below. Accessibility The Google Classroom can be accessed from any computer through Google Chrome or from any mobile device on any platform. All files shared by teachers and students are stored in the Google Drive Classroom tab. Users can access the classroom at anytime, anywhere. Students no longer need to think about broken machines or hungry dogs.

Today, many colleges expect students to take at least one online class before their graduation. If you get a master's degree in education, some of your coursework may be online. Sadly, many of the students have never had any experience with online learning. That's why you want to make sure that you give your students as much exposure as possible at a young age. Google Classroom is a simple way to help students make this move because it's super user-friendly, making it a perfect intro to technology. Teachers and students do not have too much paper to sort because the classroom is entirely paperless. When teachers upload tasks and tests to the classroom, they are saved to Drive simultaneously. Students will complete assignments and analyses directly from the school, and their research will also be collected to Drive. Students may access lost work due to absences and find other services that they may need.

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